American Maplan: Dual Spider Extrusion Head Maximizes PVC Pipe Production

The patented dual spider heads for PVC pipe extrusion by American Maplan (AMC) are designed for higher production rates and improved pipe physical properties and are among the most technically advanced currently offered to the PVC pipe market. The AMC dual spider design produces high quality products with optimum efficiency, with the die heads capable of producing pipe diameters from 16-1300 mm in all classes from only five heads.
One of AMC’s most recent designs, the RD 1-7 head produces pipe from 15-175 mm with maximum output of 1000 kg/hr (2200 lb./hr.). To accomplish this product range using single spider dies would require three different heads. The RD 1-7 has five heating zones, whereas a typical die set has three.
The head design produces less back pressure, which provides benefits such as higher throughput rates, excellent wall thickness control, overweight reduction, im-proved physical properties of the finished pipe, lower barrel and screw wear and a wider range of pipe sizes from each RD head.
‘The RD 1-7 head is an ideal small diameter head for PVC pipe,’ according to Mike Wallen, VP for special projects at AMC. ‘It runs 0.5 inch to 6 inch IPS, C900 and sewer. Designed to attach to a standard pipe adapter or to the Maplan triple wall block for foam applications, the RD 1-7 has much to offer.’
American Maplan also provides optional accessories for the dual spider heads including carts for pipe head support, thermal die centering and the quick die change system.
American Maplan Corporation, Battenfeld Extrusionstechnik (Germany) and Battenfeld Extrusion Systems Ltd (China) utilize their synergies to develop process machineries, dies, screws and downstream equipment that provide a Total Extrusion Solution for the price and performance needs of the customer.

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