Klockner Pentaplast: Pentalabel® High-Shrink PETG Shrink-label Films

The Pentalabel® (formerly Pentaprint®) product line of shrink-label films has been extended to include Pentalabel® E749/52 AS7 polyester film for full-body shrink-sleeve labels, specifically designed for narrow-neck containers. This is the second film introduction for the new family of high-shrink polyester films with multiple shrink characteristics. Pentalabel® E749/52 AS7 combines high-shrink properties with little to no machine-direction (MD) shrinkage to produce a finished label that does not have the ’smile’ typically seen with polyester films. These films remain extremely uniform across the container, in particular the bottom portion of the container. The high-shrink force properties of the film allow the film to shrink properly around narrowneck containers. Klockner Pentaplast is the first global supplier of this film.
The new Pentalabel® E749/52 AS7 films are engineered for 78% shrink properties and are ideal for narrow-neck requirements. The high-performance surface characteristics of the film further enhance printability and allow a myriad of graphic schemes to be utilized. As with all Klockner Pentaplast shrink films, this new Pentalabel® film offers excellent gauge control, lay-flat properties, ink adhesion, and seaming ability. The Pentalabel® films are suitable for flexographic and gravure printing processes.
‘This new high-shrink Pentalabel® PETG shrink-label film is developed to meet customers’ requirements for uniform shrinkage and brilliant graphics for narrow-neck containers,’ comments Jim Mullen, Klockner Pentaplast’s manager of shrink-label films. ‘Along with our existing vinyl and polyester shrink-label films, we continue to provide innovation for our customers by offering the broadest selection and most cost-effective solutions in the industry.’

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