Davis-Standard: Equipment at Interwire

Davis-Standard, LLC will exhibit equipment from all of its wire and cable product lines at the upcoming Interwire Trade Exposition in Cleveland, Ohio, May 7-10. Located at booth #3400, Davis-Standard will show a 2.5-inch (64mm) 24:1 Super Blue® air-cooled extruder, MESA III process control system and a 1.5-inch (38mm) 24:1 high temperature MX Series Merritt extruder along with a Clipper model PA-24 dual reel parallel axis take-up, Davis Electric 72-inch (1,828mm) shaftless payoff and 48-inch (1,219mm) CatTrak linear capstan. All of Davis-Standard’s key personnel will be available to discuss this technology with booth visitors.
The combined technologies of Davis-Standard, Merritt Davis Electric and Clipper Machinery have created a powerful force in the wire and cable marketplace. Several designs are available for high speed wire and cable extrusion systems and components for datacom, construction/building, optical fiber and automotive as well as power cable, high temperature and specialty wire applications. Systems can be equipped with a wide range of extruders, payoffs and tension brakes, take-ups, and auxiliary equipment including cooling troughs, capstans, caterpillars, and accumulator systems. Laboratory equipment, customized feedscrews, and control systems are also available.

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