American Maplan: Entire Scope of Equipment for Corrugated Pipes

As the PE pipe market grows, American and European municipalities are looking to HDPE corrugated pipe as the most technologically ad-vanced product to handle storm water and wastewater; and American Maplan is leading the market with extrusion technology.
There is a growing demand for PE pipe extrusion, especially for industrial, agricultural and municipal piping applications. To meet this growing market segment, American Maplan Corporation, McPherson, KS, has over 20 years of experience designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing HDPE extrusion lines capable of producing pipe up to 60 inches in diameter. Teaming these advanced extrusion lines with corrugated pipe manufacturers; Maplan’s presence in this market is strong.
American Maplan provides the Total Extrusion Solution for PE Pipe. The single-screw grooved-feed extruder with optimized screw geometry for output/mixing and melt temperature control is produced entirely at it’s McPherson, KS, facility. Several models of grooved-feed extruders, which are used for producing pipe ranging from 4 inches to 60 inches in diameter, are offered. The extruders have a throughput range from 450 lb./hr. up to 4500 lb./hr. American Maplan extruder combinations can be designed to meet any output requirements of today’s corrugated processes.
AMC’s grooved-feed extruders yield greater output for their diameter size than conventional smooth-bore extruders. While throughput rates depend on factors like resin, tooling and downstream equipment, the average decrease in melt temperature for a grooved-feed model over a conventional smooth bore extruder allows the producer higher line speeds and gives them a competitive advantage. HDPE pipe are replacing concrete, ductile iron and corrugated metal in gravity drain-age applications. Manufactured from the highest quality materials, HDPE corrugated pipe’s resistance to abrasion and chemicals and a service life of approximately 100 years makes it one of the most reliable materials for this market today.

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