Cincinnati Milacron : TE125mm for WPC Launched at Open House

Cincinnati Milacron Extrusion Systems and B&P Process Equipment held a joint open house last month at the B&P Process facilities in Saginaw Michigan USA to launch the TE125mm twin screw co-rotating extruder for Wood Plastic Composite. Twenty-six of the world’s largest Wood Plastic Composite manufacturers attended the show to see the TE125mm extruder and see the WPC production demonstration on the TE50 mm Lab machine. The TE125 Twin Screw Co-Rotating machine is the result of two years joint development between Cincinnati Milacron of Ohio and B&P Process Equipment in Michigan. Both companies are market leaders in the twin screw extrusion industry and have come together to develop this new processing technology for high volumes of Wood Plastic Composite production. This extruder encompasses low-shear mixing to minimise fibre degradation and has high free volume — up to 40% more than its competitors — to give more efficient devolatilisation. Other advantages of the TE125 are reduced fibre attrition at low screw speeds with hard wearing screws and barrels. This machine has a patented High Pressure Discharge screw geometry, which removes the need for any Melt Pump or second extruder on the end of the extrusion line — reducing energy costs.

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