EDI: Purchase of die coating technology firm

US technology group Extrusion Dies Industries (EDI) has acquired Liberty Coating Equipment for an undisclosed amount. EDI already supplies a wide range of flat dies for sheet, film and extrusion and the purchase of Liberty will enable it to expand its reach in a number of slot die markets, particularly those requiring very thin or optically clear coatings. EDI’s executive vice president of sales and marketing, ---topher Curtin, said: “We now have more alternatives to offer companies that have relied exclusively on conventional roll coating but are attracted by the advantages of slot die coating.” Slot die systems are used for applying fluids or polymers such as adhesives, inks, electrolytes, and magnetic slurries onto continuous-web substrates. In contrast to roll coating technology, slot dies are closed systems where the amount of coating material is pre-metered using a precision pump. EDI will retain the Liberty product range and trade name. Liberty’s manufacturing systems will be transferred to EDI headquarters in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.

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