Amcor: Flexible Barico Launches New Lidding Film

Amcor Flexibles Baricol has launched BARIPET FL 45 a new high barrier lidding film for smoothwall aluminium foil containers.
These containers are increasingly being used to package meat, fish, ready meals and vegetables. They are recyclable and popular with consumers as they are very convenient to use in conventional ovens.
BARIPET FL 45 is already performing well in commercial use in the UK and attracting much interest from food packers as a result.
The new lidding film is produced by extrusion coating a PET film with a combination of resins, including EVOH. Extrusion coating is a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to lamination, which does not require adhesives or solvents. The new film is exceptionally clear and only 45 microns thick, so offering a light weight alternative to competing films on the market.
BARIPET FL 45 is just one of a range of new and innovative films being developed by AF Baricol at its factory in Highbridge, Somerset (UK). The company offers tailored high barrier solutions for a wide range of technically demanding food packaging applications. These films are produced by extrusion coating or cast coextrusion and used for packaging products such as bread, frozen ready meals, meat and cheese.
AF Baricol is part of Amcor Flexibles, which is one of Europe’s leading flexible packaging businesses with annual sales of €1.5 billion and manufacturing operations in 18 countries across Europe and the Americas, supplying a wide range of markets including confectionery, snack foods, processed foods, fresh food, beverages, healthcare and tobacco.

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