DSM: ACE process to improve EPDM curing efficiency

DSM Elastomers will start production next year of a new family of EPDM grades based on a catalyst system licensed from Nova Chemicals and subsequently developed by the company’s own R & D team.
ACE (Advanced Catalysis Elastomers) provides the platform from which the company aims to develop a series of differentiated products, exploiting the high receptivity of VNB (2-vinyl-5-norbornene), a third monomer in the synthetic rubber, to peroxide curing agents. This benefit, which emerged from work on long chain branching at DSM’s powerful R & D facility, enables levels of expensive peroxide to be reduced.
The company, market leader in EPDM with its Keltan range, has already filed several patents based on the technology which will be targeted at applications such as radiator hoses and window gaskets.
Bob Hartmayer, DSM Elastomers president, unveiled the advance yesterday during a press event for the Keltan business which has undergone a period of restructuring. Now, American Hartmayer is aiming to lift the profile with a new global marketing campaign under the Keltan – Nothing Compares motto, news that the Triunfo plant in Brazil will introduce reactive extrusion technology later this year, boosting its scope in oil additives and functional modifiers, and consideration of a third EPDM manufacturing site.
The Keltan family, which also includes Sarlink TPV, is part of DSM Performance Materials cluster, of which DSM Engineering Plastics is also a component. This business yesterday announced plans for a new compounding plant near Pune, in India. The unit will triple the company’s existing Indian capacity for compounding Akulon PA6, Arnite PBT and PET and Stanyl PA 46.

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