Krauss-Maffei: Investment in the Changeover to Synchronized Flow Assembly

Krauss Maffei Kunststofftechnik GmbH is now manufacturing twin-screw extruders from KMD 75 to KMD 114 and single-screw extruders from KME 45 to KME 90 on a synchronized flow basis. Last year, the company successfully switched assembly of its CX and MX injection moulding machines to the new ‘pulled’ system. The Extrusion Technology division has now followed suit, with all electrical and mechanical sub-assemblies being produced on this basis. Single- and twin-screw extruders are now assembled in four synchronized stages. Commissioning the machines is not part of the system.
During the latter part of 2006, as part of the preparations for optimal implementation of the new system, the Extrusion Technology production floors were completely renovated and a new layout and logistics concept was put in place. Logistics are now fully synchronized with and ‘pulled’ by the requirements of the assembly line.
‘We are fully aware that it is not only our products that must be continuously improved, but also our processes,’ comments Josef Martl, Krauss-Maffei CEO. ‘It is the only route to ensure that Krauss-Maffei remains strongly competitive in the long term, that we slim down our processes, increase the value added within our organization and improve the quality of our products. This is all to the benefit of our customers.’

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