Cincinnati Milacron: New “Plug and Play” Extrusion System at Chinaplas 2007 Trade Show

Herb Hutchison, Director of International Business Development at Cincinnati Milacron Extrusion Systems, announced the introduction of a new ‘Plug and Play ‘ extrusion system that will be introduced at Chinaplas May 21-24, 2007, in Guangzhou, China. The new extrusion system will offer wood and fiber composite extrusion processors a complete turnkey approach enabling quick market entry and rapid on-line production with Cincinnati Milacron’s proven extrusion technology. ‘This system has all the elements required to get up and running at a very affordable price, states Hutchison. The key to the system is the industry leading Cincinnati Milacron Extrusion Systems workhorse TC86 that uses advanced large conical twin- screw technology to bring unique compression and low shear-mixing capability to an unmatched material processing range. The TC86 is an excellent machine for use with wood fiber /plastic composites with up to 70% fiber loading along with high output, offering homogenous melts from various blends of natural and synthetic fibers, heat/shear-sensitive thermoplastics, recycled plastics, coupling and nucleating agents, pigments and other materials.

MOSAIC Control is Standard
The TC86 extruder comes standard with the Cincinnati Milacron MOSAIC touch screen control system. Featuring extreme reliability and precision and a 15′ (381 mm) LCD screen. The MOSAIC has self-diagnostics and Ethernet TCP/IP connectivity. Proprietary Cincinnati Milacron Extrusion Systems software provides full production control, includes SPC monitoring and analysis, process alarms, slaved co-extruder speed control and process ‘recipe’ storage with call up capability. Operators use on-screen control panels with instant-access information screens including full color graphics and multi-language capability.
Strong Heritage in Extrusion Technologies
Cincinnati Milacron Extrusion Systems originated the large conical twin-screw extruders and today is recognized as a global leader in extrusion technology. The TC86 is the new system manufactured in the USA by Milacron. The TC86 large diameter screws (176 mm tapering to 86 mm with a 27:1 LD ratio) optimizes the feed zone surface area for fast, uniform heat transmission from the screw to the material. The tapered screw design allows a larger feed zone for ‘fluffy’ light bulk density materials and applies a natural compression during processing which results in wood flour being ‘wetted out’ and plastic polymers being properly mixed prior to devolatilization. The deep flights of the advanced screw technology optimize mixing while reducing shear forces. High torque at low speeds enables gentle low shear melting and mixing and offers ultra efficient plasticizing in vinyl extrusion. The TC86 features a small exit diameter which reduces rotational shear and screw thrust, while increasing pumping efficiency into the die. The conical twin screw action generates positive pumping pressure for quality extrusion of viscous rigid PVC and WPC material which is also critical for higher head pressures that are required for engineered profiles with thinner walls and small die openings.
New Plug & Play System features the TC 86
‘The system that Cincinnati Milacron Extrusion Systems is offering has all that you need to quickly get into the WPC business and generate revenue. The ideal solution for a quick start up is using non-complicated but proven technology, affordable and very effective. It’s a very practical American approach that works! This system has all the performance and options of a big heavily engineered system including the traditional material handling equipment, transfer equipment, mixing, drying, delivery system, die set and all the downstream cooling and cutting equipment. The workhorse, TC86 from Cincinnati Milacron comes with the system. The ‘Plug and Play’ system avoids costly ‘add-ons’ and complicated custom controls that are loaded into many Euro extrusion systems. All that is missing is the material formulation, the material and the finished parts’ states Hutchison.
The new system is supported by Cincinnati Milacron Extrusion Systems on a worldwide basis and includes support from Milacron’s extensive network of Extrusion technology systems partners.
Extensive WPC Material Preparation/Handling System Features
Other benefits of the ‘Plug & Play’ System cited by Hutchison are:
• Significant reduction of capital outlay as compared to larger complex extrusion systems.
• Provides a system capable of producing 1-2 metric tons of material an hour.
• Quicker delivery than more complex systems offering the capability for a quick set up and start of actual production.
• A system with excellent production capabilities for under $750,000 (USD), while larger systems can have significant delivery issues and run from $2.0 M to $2.5 M (USD) in costs.
• Offers a simplified, easy to operate control system.
• Can be set up with a single or multiple extrusion lines and has the capability to be scaled larger at a later date once sales increase for the processor.
• Lower maintenance costs due to the simplified system design.
• Extreme manufacturing flexibility. Larger, more complex systems can mean total plant shut downs when manufacturing issues develop. ‘Plug & Play’ enables quick resolution and quick restart.
Full Range of Twin Screw Extruders
Cincinnati Milacron Extrusion Systems offers a comprehensive range of conical twin-screw extruders meeting every requirement from lab/development work to precision profiles and high-output shape production. Models are available with 35mm, 50mm, 55mm, 65mm, 80mm, 92mm and 96mm conical screws. Recognized as the global leader in Wood Plastics Composite (WPC) shapes for decking rails and other products, Cincinnati Milacron Extrusion Systems bring superior versatility, melt homogeneity and process control to the ever-emerging applications for WPC profiles and structural components.
Leading extrusion industry processors know that ‘if the extruder is not made in Cincinnati, Ohio then it’s not a Cincinnati Milacron Extruder’.
First incorporated in 1884, Milacron is a leading global supplier of plastics processing technologies and industrial fluids, with manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe, India and Asia.

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