PALRAM: Development of PVC Panels with Built-In Wide Spectrum Pathogen Killer

Increased emphasis is being placed today on preventing the spread of various infections. One way to do this is to cover surfaces with microbe-resistant materials in food production facilities, hospitals (walls and ventilation ducts), clean rooms, etc. that can be repeatedly cleaned and sanitized. A new breakthrough from PALRAM not only does that, but also actively kills dangerous pathogens, thus creating new conditions to accomplish this.

An intensive research effort by PALRAM’s Technology Department has produced a new PVC cladding that offers new and unsurpassed sanitary protection. PALRAM’s patent pending Hygienic products feature antimicrobial protection that facilitates excellent hygiene for a wide spectrum of applications. In addition to standard PVC’s proven sanitary benefits (such as high chemical resistance), independent lab tests confirm that Hygienic products effectively eliminate harmful microorganisms in less than 24 hours.
PALRAM’s Hygienic cladding is now available in flat and corrugated sheets for use in a wide variety of applications requiring Active Hygiene technology. Having an FDA approved pathogens-killing ingredient, Hygienic products are also suitable for various applications requiring this special classification.

Flat PALRAM PVC HYG Sheet can also be thermoformed and fabricated into items intended for use in food production facilities, hospitals, clean rooms, etc.

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