Battenfeld China: Celebration of 10th Anniversary - Open House

Battenfeld Extrusion Systems Ltd. is going to celebrate its 10th anniversary and host an open house just prior to Chinaplas May 20 - 21, 2007 at its facility in Shunde, Guangdong, PR China and will also exhibit in hall 1 booth number B611 at Chinaplas 2007 in Guangzhou from May 21 - 24, 2007.
On May 21, 2007, Battenfeld Extrusion Systems will demonstrate its latest technology in pipe, profile, film and sheet extrusion in its laboratory in Shunde. Local and overseas customers and potential customers have been invited to attend the anniversary celebration. Four extrusion lines will be on display, and experts from sister companies in Germany and the U.S. will be on hand for discussions.
Machine demonstrations at the open house will include an extrusion line for PE-RT pipe with diameters of 16 mm - 32 mm. The line comprises a high-performance BCE 1-60-30B single-screw extruder, a PE-RT die, a swarfless flying knife cutter, and a twin-station coiler. Due to their higher temperature resistance and lower overall costs than other plastic pipe, PE-RT pipe are gaining popularity in floor heating and hot water supply systems.
Also on display will be Battenfeld China’s techBEX profile extrusion line which has also been successfully presented to the public last year at Battenfeld Extrusion-stechnik’s 25th anniversary open house. Introduced to the market in early 2006, the techBEX line was very well received and more than 30 lines have already been sold, mainly to manufacturers of technical profiles.
A 3-layer PET sheet extrusion line with 850 mm finished product width will complement the presentation. The co-extrusion line will be equipped with BCE 65 mm and 90 mm single-screw extruders, a feedblock and flat die from Cloeren, a 45 degree slant roll stack and a 4-station cantilever center winder. The company is also planning to demonstrate a 3-layer blown film line for the production of stretch hoods.

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