Battenfeld: Largest Pipe Extrusion Line in Russia

For the production of plastic jacket pipes for district heat transport, Battenfeld, Bad Oeynhausen, has recently installed a complete large-diameter pipe extrusion line to produce pipe up to 1,600 mm in diameter at MosFlowline, Moscow. MosFlowline, considered one of the country’s largest manufacturers of PUR-insulated pipe, is now operating the largest pipe extrusion line in Russia. The Russian processor and the German machine manufacturer can look back on many years of successful partnership. With the installation of its first two complete pipe extrusion lines in 1989 to manufacture pipes up to 800 mm in diameter, which are still in trouble-free operation today, MosFlowline set a milestone. With the new line, the processor intends to continue its expansion, adding larger pipe dimensions to its product range. The plastic jacket pipes, also called “capped pipes”, are ideally suited to the transport of water heated to temperatures between 130 and 150?C, since they are extremely easy to lay and to service at low cost, have a long life cycle and are highly resistant to chemicals and salts, physical impact and, above all, corrosion. However, their greatest advantage compared to conventional pipes is their excellent insulating property. Plastic jacket pipes consist of an inner steel pipe and an outer pipe made of PE. Applicable to all complete production lines from Bad Oeynhausen, this recently delivered large-diameter pipe extrusion line from Battenfeld Extrusionstechnik is perfectly synchronised, beginning with the extrusion die, through the cooling section and haul-off to the cutting saw and control unit. In addition to the extruder, which is required to ensure high output with optimised product homogeneity, the extrusion die and the complete downstream equipment must also be optimally laid out for large diameters between 710 and 1,600 mm. MosFlowline uses this line to manufacture the outer PE pipes with diameters of up to 1,600 mm and wall thicknesses of up to 30 mm.

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