Maillefer: A record year

Year 2006 was a record one for Maillefer and the strong growth continues into 2007. The company fully recognises the confidence that customer’s place in its leading technology, reliable products and dedicated project management. Figures show total sales in 2006 well exceeding €100 million. A healthy order backlog at this years end confirms the trend forecasted a year ago. Deliveries are booked throughout the entire year ahead and leading into 2008. Total sales for 2007 are expected to clearly surpass that of the previous exercise. Much activity is from demands in modernising or expanding the power grids in industrialised nations. That is leading to investments across the entire energy distribution network. While in pipe applications, the climbing copper prices are accelerating the switch from all metal to alternative plastic pipe (eg. PEX and composite PE Al PE). Neighboring Europe continues to remain a loyal ground for Maillefer. The mature industries lead with rationalisation, expansion and new technology projects. In regions beyond, the company is seeing significant expansion and new growth projects in Russia, China and the Gulf states.

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