Berstorff: Delivery of two complete compounding lines of modular design to KuibyshevAzot

Berstorff supplied two complete compounding lines of time and cost-saving modular design to the leading Russian chemical company KuibyshevAzot. Both lines have recently been commissioned at the new production location in Shanghai. For the time being, an output rate of approx. 10,000 tonnes/year of glass fibre reinforced polyamide 6 for the Chinese and Southeast Asian markets is produced.
In this project, Berstorff acted as a turnkey system supplier. The lines mainly comprise the complete material handling and metering system, a ZE 60 A x 44 D UTX and a ZE 40 A x 44 D UTX twin-screw extruder, a strand pelletising unit with downstream cooling section, silos for the final product and sacking systems. The lines are designed for output rates of 1000 and 300 kg/h, respectively. Both lines are also suited for reinforcing polypropylene and already comprise the appropriate equipment for this application.
Particular benefits are offered by the modular plant concept: both lines could be preliminarily mounted in Hannover with first tests being carried out together with the customer. The customer was thus given a first impression of the dimensions and the functioning of the line at an early stage. The installation of the lines at the place of destination was completed within less than eight weeks.
Roman Meytis, General Director of KuibyshevAzot Engineering Plastics in Shanghai, is convinced of Berstorff’s modular concept: ‘In my opinion, the idea that led to the development of modular lines is simply unique. The advantages we gained from this concept are considerable savings in time and total cost. The easy installation and rapid commissioning were of decisive importance in this context’. He was also extremely satisfied with the performance of the Berstorff staff. ‘In view of the perfect organisation of the work involved from the order placement right through to the commissioning, the efficient local service and advice as well as of the competence in realising technically sophisticated and complex solutions within a minimum of time, we consider Berstorff as a leader in the compounding line sector.

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