ETA Kunststofftechnologie: Three-Layer Pipe Co-Extrusion Dies

Just recently, ETA Kunststofftechnologie, Germany, has supplied four co-extrusion die heads for three-layer polyolefin pipes in the diameter range from 63 to 400 mm, two in Switzerland and two in Germany. Thus, ETA again has proved its technological leadership in developing and supplying high-tech coextrusion die systems for the plastic pipe industry. Even though ETA has supplied numerous dies for all kind of two- and three-layer products, all new systems are tailored to customers’ specifications. The die heads contain three concentric spiral mandrel manifolds and all flow channels are optimised by using computer simulation programmes developed in-house. All parts are made from high-quality tool steel — forged and ultrasonic test approved — and all wetted surfaces are high-gloss polished and chromeplated. The main extruder is connected centrally, and the systems have a side arrangement of the ancillary extruders for inner and outer layers. In case of one ancillary extruder for both inner and outer layer a branching adapter in front of the two side feed ports has a valve in each feed channel for either running three-layer products or two-layer pipes with inner or outer skin layer. Between the manifold system (base unit) and the die inserts coloured stripe markings (4 or 6 stripes) are applied from a small co-extruder. All ETA dies — including dies for blown film, pipe coatings and sheathing, extrusion blow moulding — are tailored to customers’ product specifications and production requirements. That is also true for peripheral equipment like heating/cooling units for better temperature control or a carriage with manually operated or motorised turning device for easy handling during die set change etc.

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