Borealis: Introduction of new Borclear for high clarity food film

Borealis, a leading supplier of innovative, value-creating plastics solutions, introduces a new grade of BorclearTM for high transparent polypropylene (PP) blown films used in food packaging. Borclear RB709CF now provides the food industry with packaging that has improved optics and sealing behaviour, and film converters and extruders with a product that provides cost-effective, environmentally-friendly processing.

Borclear RB709CF is a random copolymer PP characterised by brilliant clarity, outstanding sealing performance, high stiffness and good printability. The heat resistance of up to 100 degrees Celsius and low hexane levels fulfilling FDA requirements make it particularly attractive for food packaging. Potential applications include bread film, lamination film for dried pasta packaging and high gloss label films.

The unique combination of properties of Borclear RB709CF allows film packaging producers to fulfil food industry expectations regarding aesthetically-attractive packaging while at the same time enabling converters and extruders to reduce the amount of film required, thanks to the material’s high stiffness. The reduced material usage results in cost and environmental benefits throughout the food packaging value chain.

Additionally, RB709CF offers faster, more efficient processing. Its low sealing initiation temperature and broad sealing window reduces sealing cycle times, creating more seals per minute and increased line speed. Furthermore, film winding and the converting of the film is made easier.

Mr Kwakman from Kivo Plastic Verpakkingen, one of Europe’s largest producers of polyolefin packaging material, comments: “Borclear RB709CF offers a wide range of benefits that help us to deliver the packaging our customers need to differentiate their products. High gloss, high transparency and good sealing behaviour allow for aesthetically-attractive films with good performance. Plus, it adds flexibility both to our production process and to the finished applications for our films, thanks to the freezability of the material, its good blending possibilities and its processing advantages.”

Borealis has more than 40 years experience in providing advanced polyolefin solutions for industries using film, coating and thermoforming products. Through understanding of the value chain, Borealis continues to provide innovative, value creating PP and PE solutions for the film industry.

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