Aipex: Partnership with Canadian company Future Design Inc.

Manufacturer of the Sussex gauge range, Aipex has formed a partnership with Future Design to cover the international sales of gauging and air-ring technology. The deal opens the way for the technology from both companies to be run together on blown film lines. Aipex’s Sussex gauge range has been used in precision monitoring systems for thirty years, while Future Design has manufactured air-ring technology for a similar length of time. A “Complete management system” would involve the Sussex gauging system providing information that is fed through to the air-ring technology. Such a system would provide raw materials savings of 6%, a joint statement said.Graham Nash, managing director of the Aipex, said: “This partnership is formed on a business and technical basis. Until now the owners of blown film lines have purchased these products in a fragmented fashion…This partnership will allow a complete solution from one supplier.”

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