FDM: Highest Precision Dosing of Materials

Beside the quality of the used materials, the smooth material supply is the main pre-condition to get a first-class finished product and a trouble-free production process. For material handling systems, that grant a continuous feed with any kind of polymer granules, mill feed and aggregates, many companies of the branch count on the experience and the service of the specialist FDM GmbH (www.fdm-technik.de) from Germany. Founded in 2003, the plant supplier offers combinations of feeder, mixing and dosing systems for all kinds of plastics as well as the respective recycling materials, worldwide.

Well-known plastics machinery manufacturers such as Kuhne Anlagenbau GmbH, St. Augustin (www.kuhne-anlagenbau.de) are convinced of the modular design of the machines from FDM for feeding, dosing and mixing components for their extruders. The continuous high quality and precision required for sensitive products such as multi-layer film is granted by FDM. The feeding, dosing and mixing systems as well as the control components save time and costs, and also increase the operational availability of the lines. Kuhne, one of the worldwide leading producers of blown-film lines, applies exclusively dosing systems from FDM for biaxial-orientated film.

A very accurate material composition is required for biaxial-oriented film used as plastic tube (gut) in the meat-processing industry. For example, the sausage skin protects and represents the sausage meat in an adequate way. Upstream FDM components to the extruders reach a high precision dosing performance. The maximum deviation of the actual value at a throughput of 80 kg per hour is less than 4 grams. This is even less than half a permill (< 0,005 %) in one hour! In order to achieve this extraordinary accuracy, a gravimetric batch dosing feeder is applied. On the one hand, it determines and reviews the total weight of the raw materials fed, on the other hand it controls the output performance of the extruder in a very accurate way. – Only in 2007, over 65 of these gravimetric dosing systems were supplied by FDM to Kuhne Anlagenbau.

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