Wavin: Higher Net Profit in 2007

Wavin N.V., Europe’s leading supplier of plastic pipe systems announces that its 2007 revenue will be EUR 1,618 million (2006: EUR 1,501 million). This represents an increase of 7.8% compared to 2006. For the full year 2007, the Ebitda margin will be 13.1%, in line with the record margin of 2006. Net profit and earnings per share will be around 25% higher than in 2006. Wavin posts a revenue growth of 3.5% in the second half year of 2007 compared to the very strong second half of 2006. The Ebitda margin in the second half year of 2007 will be 13.2%, slightly ahead of the 13.0% in the first half year.
This performance was realised in spite of a sharp downturn of construction markets in Germany, Ireland and, to a lesser extent, Denmark and generally challenging market conditions.

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