Davis-Standard: New Spare Parts Program Provides Convenient Alternative

A new spare parts program offered by Davis-Standard’s Extrusion Systems Group enables customers to buy recommended spares for their recently purchased machinery under special terms. This convenient program encourages customers to have spare parts on hand for those items susceptible to wear or those that are essential to maintain good working order of the equipment. Davis-Standard created the program to give customers the option of stocking parts on-site, so that parts are readily available to reduce potential downtime.

            “No matter how reliable equipment is, it is still mechanical and susceptible to wear or an occasional breakdown. Offering spare parts packages up front is one way to ensure that our customers are prepared and that they get the most from their equipment investment,” said Jerry Warren, Vice President of Davis-Standard’s Aftermarket Group. “Even if the equipment is still under warranty, customers can take the part off their own shelf, get the machine back up and running, and we will replace the warranty-covered part at no charge.”

            Pre-approved customers can take advantage of this offer by filling out a simple acknowledgement sheet and letting Davis-Standard know which option they would prefer. Once the order is received, the parts will be shipped. For more information, customers can contact Jerry Warren at [email protected] or at [email protected].

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