Dow Corning: Timesaving Process For Analyzing Gel Ratio at Plastic Pipes XIV Conference

Dow Corning and Alpha Technologies will unveil a new analytical test method for evaluating the gel ratio of cross linked polyethylene at the poster session of Plastic Pipes XIV Conference and Exhibition, September 22-24, at the Marriott Hotel in Budapest, Hungary.

The poster exhibit will introduce an innovative time-saving and cost-efficient method based on elastic modulus measurements for assessing gel ratio as an alternative to the traditional xylene extraction method. The content of the presentation is based on a technical paper co-authored by François de Buyl, Valérie Smits, and Damien Dewitte, technical specialists from the Dow Corning Surface & Interface Solution Center; and Henri Burhin of Alpha Technologies.

“This discovery has significant implications for resin suppliers, masterbatchers and compounders involved in PEX pipes, or wire and cable production,” said de Buyl, who will be present at the conference. “The new Viscosity Transition Modulus rheometer can produce information on crosslinking density within 10 minutes compared to 12 hours using traditional methods.”

The new method will also minimize environmental, health and safety impact associated with the use of xylene and improve the accuracy of results – both aspects being important from a quality control standpoint for pipes manufacturers.

The Plastic Pipes XIV Conference is organized by The European Plastic Pipes and Fittings Association, PE 100 +, PVC4Pipes and the Plastics Pipe Institute. For more information, visit

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