Macro’s Binary Air Ring System Boosts Output

Macro Engineering & Technology Inc.’s D10-B Dual Lip Binary Air Ring System has been shown to boost blown film production output by more than 30% while also improving product quality. Macro was the first to develop the binary cooling process, receiving its first patent in 1984. Initial observations indicated output improvements of 30-100% over single air ring systems along with vast improvements in gauge and clarity of the film. Since then, Macro has made continuous improvements to the binary air ring system including the integration of a patented conical IBC in 1996, which was found to improve cooling efficiency and bubble stability. Macro’s most recent trials on its 3-layer R&D line running at 450 kg/hr (1000 lbs/hr) generated outputs of 2.25 kg/hr per mm of die diameter (40 lbs/hr per circumferential inch).

Since its development 25 years ago, Macro’s binary air ring system has been installed at multiple extrusion plants around the world including 20 systems delivered in 2008. The D10-B is primarily sold as a stand-alone system offered through Macro’s Retrofit Division to improve output and product quality on all makes of blown film lines; however, the system is also available as part of a high output package for Macro’s BXL Series of blown film lines.

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