Semi-Automatic Coiler Inspires an Audience of Thousands

When B+C Extrusion Systems (Foshan) Ltd., formerly known as Battenfeld Extrusion Systems (China), introduced its new designed semi-automtic coiler one and half year ago, nobody could imagine that this machine becomes the favourite of a huge audience. Spread by word of mouth (and the little help of YouTube), this coiler made its way to customers in China and around the globe. The HW1300/2 semi-automatic type of coiler is suitable for semi-rigid PO pipes of 10-32mm in diameter. The maximum speed is, with purpose, limited to 25m/min as higher speeds would naturally cause hassle to the operator during the change-over. However, the easy and convenient starting and change-over of coils does only need one person. The bobbin dimensions are ID 400mm, OD 1300mm and width 400mm.
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