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Frigel Unveils Newest Chiller Technology, Ecoflex at NPE 2009

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

East Dundee, Ill. – Frigel ( excited to unveil the newest addition to its line of intelligent process cooling products, the Ecoflex, at NPE 2009, South Hall Booth #42020. The Ecoflex is a centralized modular chilling station and features the highest efficiency available in the market today with its incorporation of Turbocor variable speed centrifugal technology.

The Ecoflex is supplied cooled water from the Ecodry System and includes all of the same eco-friendly benefits as other Frigel products including free-cooling capabilities. The unit is extremely compact and can be fully integrated into a processors cooling system through an intelligent microprocessor controller.

“The Turbocor technology is a natural fit with Frigel’s long standing commitment to cost savings and energy reduction for our customers,” said Steve Petrakis, president of Frigel North America. “Product introductions like this only increase our customer’s ability to start seeing savings immediately and benefit from the competitive advantage an intelligent cooling system can offer.”

This product marks Frigel’s most energy efficient product to date. It is ideal for use in injection molding applications where individual press side units are not required, such as in packaging where a common temperature is used throughout the plant and flow is regulated locally by TCUs. It also works great in other industrial applications where central chillers are required.

The Ecoflex compressor operates using centrifugal technology and oil-free magnetic bearings. It has superior part load efficiencies and a soft start, conserving energy. As the name suggests, it offers the ultimate in flexibility. Ecoflex units can be linked together in a system for expansions and higher capacities as needed.

“The Ecoflex is a very exciting development for Frigel and our customers,” said Petrakis. “With the addition of Turbocor technology to the Ecodry System, we now supply the most energy efficient, cost saving, environmentally friendly system for process cooling today.”

Fine tuning - Polimerica

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

from Polimerica, Italy
Italian company Elav (Colines Group) presents Fast AdJust, a new instrument which manages all adjustments on the extrusion line by means of a jog shuttle. The device has a micrometric scale for the maximum precision and it is coupled with latest

Slashing your costs to survive tough times

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

New automation technology and cost reduction techniques can help plastics producers survive.

ATLANTA, May 7, 2009/NPE 2009 – New Auxiliary Equipment / TSM Control Systems is now offering plastics producers new ways to weather the economic storm and improve their profit margins. New TSM technology focuses on, reducing production down time during order changes, reducing labor costs through cleaning automation, reducing raw material usage and avoiding unnecessary excess energy costs of scrap material reprocessing.

TSM has recognized that reducing production costs will be essential to ensure the long-term sustainability of many plastics producers. The TSM AUTO-CLEANTM available on TSM’s new OPTI-MIXTM range of gravimetric blenders, provide real options for plastics processers to cut their production costs and survive .

We feel the pain of plastics processors and understand the problems they face. We have seen clear evidence of a slowdown in plastics production as total bookings for purchasing new auxiliary equipment in the fourth quarter of 2008 were down 33% on average for the same figure over the previous five years (SPI, March 2009).”

In order to combat this slowdown we have focused on development orientated around reducing our customers` operating costs, directly combating the recession. The reality is that we all must pull together to improve the efficiency of plastics processing in order to brave these difficult times.”

Processors can now reduce their virgin material usage with more accurate mixing and use more regrinds without the additional costs of having to re-pelletize materials thanks to TSM’s OPTI-MIXTM technology. TSM’s patented OPTI-MIXTM technology allows processors to reduce their raw material usage by increasing their regrind processing capability, while improving product quality. This unique mixing technique virtually eliminates variations due to bulk density by delivering consistent homogeneous mixing of materials of all densities. The mixing auger also creates a downward force to cram difficult regrind materials through the throat of the processing machine.

The AUTO-CLEANTM allows the entire TSM OPTI-MIXTM blender to be automatically cleaned from floor level. The system automatically cleans the blender from the vacuum receiver to machine throat reducing production downtime and labor costs. The completely new TSM AUTO-CLEANTM allows fast automatic order changes and avoids any unnecessary safety risks associated with employees reaching elevated machines.

We have already helped some of our current processors to achieve up to 20% reductions in their operating costs thanks to our new automation solutions. We want to help other processors recover from these hard times. It is simply a matter of processors understanding that we can and will help.”

All of TSM’s cost cutting solutions will be on display at NPE 2009, McCormick Place, Chicago between June 22nd and June 26th at TSM’s booth; number N85027.

TSM Control Systems,

DeVilbiss lightweight Compact gun with enhanced atomization

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Lightweight spray gun for the coating of plastic parts

Bangkok, Thailand, May 15 2009 - In the year 1907, the doctor’s son Tom DeVilbiss invented an atomizer for medicine for an easier way to apply medicine to the patients throat and nasal passages. Soon afterwards, the atomizer was adapted to industrial use and spray equipment was born. More than one hundred years later the Compact spray gun of Devilbiss sets again the benchmark for industrial spray coating. Spray-coated plastic parts, both profiles and injection molded parts, belong to the most important applications.

Over the last decades DeVilbiss, represented in Thailand by B.S.C. Teknik, introduced several ground-breaking manual and automatic spray guns: The legendary conventional spray guns JGA-558, MSA-512, JGX-502 and the GTI series are still very popular today. And they are still widely used even for large-scale production. Spare parts are still available.

Computational Fluid Dynamics for enhanced atomization

End users confirmed the need for a new lightweight “mid size” gun with the ability to provide ultimate industrial performance. In addition enhanced operator comfort was required. The newest family of manual spray guns was designed by using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to enhance the atomization process and provide one of the highest transfer efficiency rates available today. The Compact spray gun is available as advanced Conventional,Trans-Tech and also HVLP gun, all in pressure, suction or gravity feed version.

What is Trans-Tech?

Trans-Tech simply means Transfer-efficient Technology”. This atomization technology provides the familiar performance of the legendary JGA gun, yet fully complies with the Environmental Protection Act legislation in respect of being in excess of 65% paint transfer efficiency despite the same 2.0 bar (29 psi) gun inlet pressure. Moreover, by using the right air cap, the Trans-Tech can be instantly converted into an HVLP gun.

Main features of all Compact spray guns

Enhanced Atomization.
through new designed passageways and air cap

No Baffle Design.
reduced number of parts minimizes the weight of the gun, making it easier to control and easier to maintain

Lightweight Design.
lighter than major competitive guns, it weighs only 412 grams.

Operator Comfort.
reduced trigger pull at increased finger room

B.S.C. Teknik supplies the whole range of ITW DeVilbiss and Binks spray coating equipment, from the newest Trans-Tech spray gun to spare parts for spray gun classics. The website contains online information about maintenance, troubleshooting and painting techniques.

Contact Information:

B.S.C. Teknik Co.,Ltd.
email [email protected] |

tel 02-334 1507, 02-402 6212 | fax 02-334 2071
530/75 Moo 1, T. Preakkasamai, A. Mueang
Samutprakarn 10280, Thailand

Continuous Level Measurement for Bins up to 40 Feet

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

(Lincoln, Nebraska—May 14, 2009) The SmartBob-TS1 sensor is a cable-based, continuous level measurement sensor for bins up to 40 feet (12.2m) tall. The compact, rugged SmartBob-TS1 weighs less than 10 pounds  (4.5 kg) and is immune to airborne dust and filling noise that frequently prevent other continuous level devices from working reliably. Compatible with eBob software and consoles from BinMaster’s SmartBob inventory tracking system, the SmartBob-TS1 is designed to reliably measure powders, granules, pellets, plastic resins, and dry bulk solids as well as liquids in smaller bins, tanks and silos.

The SmartBob-TS1 offers convenient 4 to 20 mA outputs and the versatility of RS-485 or wireless communications via an optional built-in 900 MHz wireless modem. Measurements can be read remotely from a centralized SmartBob control console or from a PC using eBob software. Highly scaleable, both SmartBob2 and SmartBob-TS1 sensors can be combined in one network to accommodate bins both small and large bins, allowing for one up to 120 bins to be configured within a single SmartBob network.

SmartBob-TS1 can be mounted on flat or angled roofs up to 40° using a mounting flange specially designed for steep roofs often found on smaller bins used for feeding operations or process manufacturing. Accessories include a variety of mounting flanges to accommodate from 0° and 40° roof angles, pipe extensions to provide cable protection, a selection of probes suitable for a variety of materials, and a gearbox motor heater for when operating temperatures fall below 32° (0° celsius).

At a list price of just $875 for the SmartBob-TS1 sensor, BinMaster makes it very affordable for many types of operations to improve safety and inventory management,” stated BinMaster vice president of sales Todd Peterson. “Plastics manufacturing, poultry feeding facilities and seed companies are just a few examples where the affordable, compact SmartBob-TS1 is saving operators valuable time measuring bins.”

For more information about BinMaster, visit

Universal hose with electrically- dissipative lining of Teflon PTFE is FDA- conform

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Frankfurt, 11 May 2009. The new Elaflon® PTFE universal hoses, developed by Elaflex-Gummi Ehlers GmbH (Hamburg, Germany) in partnership with ContiTech Schlauch GmbH (Korbach, Germany), are equipped with a seamlessly-extruded and smooth lining made of Teflon® PTFE 62. The fluoropolymer combines a high degree of flexural fatigue strength and stress crack resistance with high thermal stability and, in addition, is resistant to almost all media present in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. It is categorized by the American FDA (Food and Drug Association) in the USP Class VI, and, because the PTFE lining is electrically dissipative across its whole surface, the new hoses may also be used in Ex-Zone 0 and 1.
Because there is no cross-contamination or discoloration of media caused by the lining made of Teflon®, the Elaflon® PTFE universal hoses are also suitable for high-purity products, e.g. for the production of pharmaceuticals. The inherent non-stick properties of PTFE prevent the settling of residues – particularly when carrying highly-viscous media – and also facilitate cleaning of the hoses. These factors, as well as their fast dischargeability for cleaning purposes or during a media change, can create cost benefits during production.
The cured-on, multilayered outer coating of the Elaflon® PTFE universal hoses consists of a special adhesive rubber on the lining made of Teflon®, a highly tear-resistant and temperature resistant fabric reinforcement layer and a cover made of an electrically-dissipative, abrasion-, flame-, weather- and ageing-resistant grade of rubber. According to requirements, the hoses are available with a galvanized spring steel helix for enhanced anti-kink and shape stability. The hose thus maintains its shape during suction and non-pressurized operation and retains its circular profile even at tight bending radii.
The complete system is designed for an operational pressure of up to 16 bar and temperatures between –30 °C and 150 °C. The universal hose is compatible with EN 14420 standardized hose couplings and SPANNLOC or SPANNFIX hose clamps from Elaflex. These are available in different materials according to application area, including a Teflon® PFA (‘Ruby Red’) coating if chemical resistance is particularly required. Due to the electrical dissipation capability of the lining and the top layer, no connection of metallic parts is necessary.

Free CPIA program produces significant cost-savings

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

from Canadian Plastics, Canada

Consultants from Mississauga, Ont.-based Hatch Energy previewed the energy use and production data of Tempo Plastics’ Barrie, Ont. blown film extrusion facility before conducting an on-site walk-through assessment. The total time spent was less than

Raven Industries Engineered Films Announces New Cast Extrusion Line

Friday, May 8th, 2009

from PR Newswire (press release)

The new cast extrusion line will provide a full spectrum of product offerings in the plastic film and sheeting segment. This line is capable of coating a broad range of substrates and can cast smooth or embossed film and sheeting ranging in thickness

WPC and Vinyl profiles: UV light cured and highly scratch resistant

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Coating producer Finishes Unlimited reports that several producers of composite, vinyl and fiber cement building materials are testing the company’s InFin UV curable coatings. This patent-applied-for coating, is available in a wide range of colors and offers superior resistance to damage from sun, moisture, heat build up and use.

Depending on the manufacturer’s preference it can be applied as part of an in line or offline process utilizing vacuum spray, roll and other common techniques. Once applied, it is subjected to intense UV light and cured almost immediately. Designed to be highly versatile, InFin can be formulated to be soft and flexible or hard and scratch resistant. It is available as a clear coat or in virtually any color or gloss level. It also has the advantage of being 100% solids so it contains no VOCs or HAPs and is not flammable.

Composites were first introduced in the 1990’s and marketed as eliminating or significantly reducing the need for maintenance. This proved not to be the case as composite boards were found to fade, scratch, stain and be subject to mold and mildew damage. They may also retain heat during hot weather. InFin appears to be the solution to these field performance problems.

As composite producers test new raw materials, there may be differences in the ability their acceptance of coatings. In these instances, there are a variety of processes to treat the surface so it will accept the UV-curable coatings such as flouroxidation, plasma, corona or flame.

Fiber cement siding has been a construction industry staple since the early 1900’s. Often, a primer is applied at the factory and then the siding is painted on-site by the builder to match the other colors of a building. Applying coatings at the building site requires dirt and debris from shipping or storage be removed first. Then the siding must be allowed to dry.

InFin for this siding market is available in a one-step, single application formula in any color. The board can be extruded, coated and cured in a single process with no “drying time” required between coating and shipping. Those manufacturers serving builders who still want primed-only boards can use a single application UV curable primer is also available.

Vinyl building components such as siding, fencing, decking and trim are extremely popular among developers, builders and home owners. InFin offers producers an opportunity to further enhance their building products by making them available in more colors without any pre-treatment. Producers who prefer to add color using pigments when the vinyl is mixed can still use a clear UV coating to provide added protection.

About Finishes Unlimited…. Founded in 1970 and headquartered in Sugar Grove, IL, Finishes Unlimited is a leading producer of industrial coatings including 100 % solids UV cured coatings as well as baked enamel and air dry water borne coatings.

Precision Dimensional Measurement with Modular Laser Gauges

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Zumbach Electronics offers a complete line of modular, single axis ODAC ® laser gauges. They are available either mounted on a rail or as components, i.e. with separate sender and receiver units for flexible installation facilitating custom configurations. Depending on the application, multiple sender/receiver pairs can be arranged in any position, offering a multi-axis measurement for large configurable product clearance through the use of high precision, telecentric optics. The gauges are based on the latest laser scanning technology from Zumbach’s experience in this field.
With the unlimited installation and configuration possibilities, these gauges can be used in all manufacturing processes including:
- Extrusion of cables, hoses, profiles etc.
- Steel and metal industries: drawing, grinding, cold and hot rolling of rods, tubes etc.
- NDT lines for any product.
- The food industry for packaging, sausage skins and more.
- Large pipe and conduit extrusions.
• High scan rate; up to 2000/s.
• High accuracy and repeatability.
• Compact and rugged design.
• Various measurement modes, e.g. for diameter, gap width, depth penetration, multiple products etc.
• Special beam geometries available (depending on model):
- Contour measurements
- Profiles and similar
• Models with integrated processor (RS, Ethernet, Profibus DP) or connection to a wide range of remote processor for process control SPC and SQC data collection.