Precision Dimensional Measurement with Modular Laser Gauges

Zumbach Electronics offers a complete line of modular, single axis ODAC ® laser gauges. They are available either mounted on a rail or as components, i.e. with separate sender and receiver units for flexible installation facilitating custom configurations. Depending on the application, multiple sender/receiver pairs can be arranged in any position, offering a multi-axis measurement for large configurable product clearance through the use of high precision, telecentric optics. The gauges are based on the latest laser scanning technology from Zumbach’s experience in this field.
With the unlimited installation and configuration possibilities, these gauges can be used in all manufacturing processes including:
- Extrusion of cables, hoses, profiles etc.
- Steel and metal industries: drawing, grinding, cold and hot rolling of rods, tubes etc.
- NDT lines for any product.
- The food industry for packaging, sausage skins and more.
- Large pipe and conduit extrusions.
• High scan rate; up to 2000/s.
• High accuracy and repeatability.
• Compact and rugged design.
• Various measurement modes, e.g. for diameter, gap width, depth penetration, multiple products etc.
• Special beam geometries available (depending on model):
- Contour measurements
- Profiles and similar
• Models with integrated processor (RS, Ethernet, Profibus DP) or connection to a wide range of remote processor for process control SPC and SQC data collection.

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