WPC and Vinyl profiles: UV light cured and highly scratch resistant

Coating producer Finishes Unlimited reports that several producers of composite, vinyl and fiber cement building materials are testing the company’s InFin UV curable coatings. This patent-applied-for coating, is available in a wide range of colors and offers superior resistance to damage from sun, moisture, heat build up and use.

Depending on the manufacturer’s preference it can be applied as part of an in line or offline process utilizing vacuum spray, roll and other common techniques. Once applied, it is subjected to intense UV light and cured almost immediately. Designed to be highly versatile, InFin can be formulated to be soft and flexible or hard and scratch resistant. It is available as a clear coat or in virtually any color or gloss level. It also has the advantage of being 100% solids so it contains no VOCs or HAPs and is not flammable.

Composites were first introduced in the 1990’s and marketed as eliminating or significantly reducing the need for maintenance. This proved not to be the case as composite boards were found to fade, scratch, stain and be subject to mold and mildew damage. They may also retain heat during hot weather. InFin appears to be the solution to these field performance problems.

As composite producers test new raw materials, there may be differences in the ability their acceptance of coatings. In these instances, there are a variety of processes to treat the surface so it will accept the UV-curable coatings such as flouroxidation, plasma, corona or flame.

Fiber cement siding has been a construction industry staple since the early 1900’s. Often, a primer is applied at the factory and then the siding is painted on-site by the builder to match the other colors of a building. Applying coatings at the building site requires dirt and debris from shipping or storage be removed first. Then the siding must be allowed to dry.

InFin for this siding market is available in a one-step, single application formula in any color. The board can be extruded, coated and cured in a single process with no “drying time” required between coating and shipping. Those manufacturers serving builders who still want primed-only boards can use a single application UV curable primer is also available.

Vinyl building components such as siding, fencing, decking and trim are extremely popular among developers, builders and home owners. InFin offers producers an opportunity to further enhance their building products by making them available in more colors without any pre-treatment. Producers who prefer to add color using pigments when the vinyl is mixed can still use a clear UV coating to provide added protection.

About Finishes Unlimited…. Founded in 1970 and headquartered in Sugar Grove, IL, Finishes Unlimited www.finishesunlimited.com is a leading producer of industrial coatings including 100 % solids UV cured coatings as well as baked enamel and air dry water borne coatings.

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