Universal hose with electrically- dissipative lining of Teflon PTFE is FDA- conform

Frankfurt, 11 May 2009. The new Elaflon® PTFE universal hoses, developed by Elaflex-Gummi Ehlers GmbH (Hamburg, Germany) in partnership with ContiTech Schlauch GmbH (Korbach, Germany), are equipped with a seamlessly-extruded and smooth lining made of Teflon® PTFE 62. The fluoropolymer combines a high degree of flexural fatigue strength and stress crack resistance with high thermal stability and, in addition, is resistant to almost all media present in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. It is categorized by the American FDA (Food and Drug Association) in the USP Class VI, and, because the PTFE lining is electrically dissipative across its whole surface, the new hoses may also be used in Ex-Zone 0 and 1.
Because there is no cross-contamination or discoloration of media caused by the lining made of Teflon®, the Elaflon® PTFE universal hoses are also suitable for high-purity products, e.g. for the production of pharmaceuticals. The inherent non-stick properties of PTFE prevent the settling of residues – particularly when carrying highly-viscous media – and also facilitate cleaning of the hoses. These factors, as well as their fast dischargeability for cleaning purposes or during a media change, can create cost benefits during production.
The cured-on, multilayered outer coating of the Elaflon® PTFE universal hoses consists of a special adhesive rubber on the lining made of Teflon®, a highly tear-resistant and temperature resistant fabric reinforcement layer and a cover made of an electrically-dissipative, abrasion-, flame-, weather- and ageing-resistant grade of rubber. According to requirements, the hoses are available with a galvanized spring steel helix for enhanced anti-kink and shape stability. The hose thus maintains its shape during suction and non-pressurized operation and retains its circular profile even at tight bending radii.
The complete system is designed for an operational pressure of up to 16 bar and temperatures between –30 °C and 150 °C. The universal hose is compatible with EN 14420 standardized hose couplings and SPANNLOC or SPANNFIX hose clamps from Elaflex. These are available in different materials according to application area, including a Teflon® PFA (‘Ruby Red’) coating if chemical resistance is particularly required. Due to the electrical dissipation capability of the lining and the top layer, no connection of metallic parts is necessary.

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