Frigel Unveils Newest Chiller Technology, Ecoflex at NPE 2009

East Dundee, Ill. – Frigel ( excited to unveil the newest addition to its line of intelligent process cooling products, the Ecoflex, at NPE 2009, South Hall Booth #42020. The Ecoflex is a centralized modular chilling station and features the highest efficiency available in the market today with its incorporation of Turbocor variable speed centrifugal technology.

The Ecoflex is supplied cooled water from the Ecodry System and includes all of the same eco-friendly benefits as other Frigel products including free-cooling capabilities. The unit is extremely compact and can be fully integrated into a processors cooling system through an intelligent microprocessor controller.

“The Turbocor technology is a natural fit with Frigel’s long standing commitment to cost savings and energy reduction for our customers,” said Steve Petrakis, president of Frigel North America. “Product introductions like this only increase our customer’s ability to start seeing savings immediately and benefit from the competitive advantage an intelligent cooling system can offer.”

This product marks Frigel’s most energy efficient product to date. It is ideal for use in injection molding applications where individual press side units are not required, such as in packaging where a common temperature is used throughout the plant and flow is regulated locally by TCUs. It also works great in other industrial applications where central chillers are required.

The Ecoflex compressor operates using centrifugal technology and oil-free magnetic bearings. It has superior part load efficiencies and a soft start, conserving energy. As the name suggests, it offers the ultimate in flexibility. Ecoflex units can be linked together in a system for expansions and higher capacities as needed.

“The Ecoflex is a very exciting development for Frigel and our customers,” said Petrakis. “With the addition of Turbocor technology to the Ecodry System, we now supply the most energy efficient, cost saving, environmentally friendly system for process cooling today.”

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