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ATLANTA, JULY 2, 2009/ POST - NPE 2009 – Unique Reprocessing Technology on show at NPE 2009 / Following on from a hugely successful show at NPE 2009 TSM Control Systems is now offering plastics producers the answer to their reprocessing problems. As demonstrated at NPE 2009 TSM’s innovative new blending solutions are directly combating many of the processing difficulties being experienced by plastics processors around the world from Chicago to to China.

Many plastics processors took the opportunity at NPE 09 to outline difficulties that they are having in processing regrind materials. The common complaints centered on being unable to process higher percentages of regrind materials due to the constraints of their existing mixing equipment. In particular, their inabilities to get these higher percentages of regrind material through the throat of their processing equipment. It seems this demand for processing more regrind materials corresponds to a consistent drop in virgin resin usage by processors relating to market demands to reduce final product costs.

With the exception of LLDPHE resin every type of resin production usage is down at least 10% in the first quarter of 2009 compared with the same figure in 2008 (American Chemistry Council, 2009). This figure illustrates that production may still be slowing but we also believe that it is also due to many processors substituting less expensive regrind materials for virgin resins in their production processes.”

TSM’s mixing solution directly overcomes this processing difficulty by cramming material through the throat of the processing machine using their patented reverse flight auger mixing technique. This unique mixing technique allows processing of up to 100% low bulk density flake regrind directly in TSM’s new OPTI-MIXTM range of gravimetric blenders. TSM maintain that their mixing technique allows processors to reuse more regrind materials without re-pelletizing costs, while using more recycled materials reduces material usage of expensive virgin materials and reducing material wastage.

We have the technology that allows plastics processors to increase their recipe percentages of regrind materials without diminishing their product output quality as would have usually been the case using other blender suppliers. We believe our patented mixing technique, which allows higher percentage regrind processing, will also facilitating the markets’ demand to move towards reusing scrap materials, reducing waste materials and recycling existing materials which are currently being sent to landfill.”

Much of TSM’s product development in recent times has also been focused on reducing production costs for processors with fully automatic self-cleaning blenders; which eliminate health and safety risks, greater accuracy in material usage and production optimization software. Now that the market is aligning with the same objective – processing cost reduction – TSM seem set to change how plastics processors do business.

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