TOV viscometer for continuous measurement in polymer processes (resin, fiber, filament)

Mansco Products Inc., the manufacturer of the TOV viscometer for continuous measurement in polymer processes (resin, fiber, filament), has achieved the milestone of shipping its 200th TOV sensor to be installed in China.

Originally, the TOV was sold under agreement only to Dupont and Dupont Engineered plants. In 1999, a new license agreement was signed and Mansco entered the general marketplace.  Since this time, Mansco Products has established itself in the China polymer market through direct sales and several OEM machinery or engineering companies, achieving a very high market share through successful installations in a very short time.   --- Mangle, Mansco Product’s Vice President commented: “The TOV’s design using a torsional measurement principle allows the sensor to have unmatched sensitivity and reliability in a polymer installation. Since the TOV’s sensor can be installed directly in the main process (at the exit of the reactor or extruder), most of our customers have immediately seen the advantages over other methods they previously used such as monitoring the pressure differential over a capillary side stream. The TOV’s design gives us the capability to give much quicker response, measure with high accuracy, eliminate temperature differences by measuring in the main process, and provide an effective measurement that is often used in feedback control such as DCS vacuum control.” He added, “We were able to establish a local presence cooperating with several engineering companies with great success and this has also led to a very high number of repeat orders with the larger companies and through the engineering companies themselves. We also are able to offer excellent local service and installation services using our technical staff based in China, which was also an important factor in our growth.” Most recently, several orders have been booked for recent new large projects announced in China. The TOV has been installed in several recent projects in India as well.

Viscosity uniformity is one of the most critical properties affecting the quality and downstream performance of the product. The TOV has emerged as playing a key role for many companies in China producing Polyester resins and continuous fiber or filament.  Additionally, the TOV has also been successfully utilized in other areas such as extrusion applications (film, fiber, recycling, etc) and also higher technological and higher value specialty products.

Mansco Products specialists can support customizing a TOV installation specification for almost any polymer application for an existing plant process or in any new plant design.

Further information is also available on Mansco’s website

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