AMC: Installation of AMC/BEX 54 and AMC Compact downstream increases efficiency and output of customer

“The extruder from American Maplan out-produces our other extruders and uses less energy,” says Chuck Singleton, president of Central States Marketing and Manufacturing, McPherson, KS. “The efficiencies alone have made it a
viable decision.”
Installed in August, the AMC/BEX 54 and AMC Compact downstream have led to a 10-15% immediate efficiency increase, according to Singleton. Additionally “it’s capability to precision cut has alleviated the necessity of off-line cutting.”
Central States Marketing and Manufacturing (CSM & Mfg) was developed in January 2003 and moved to its current location in McPherson, KS in January 2006. CSM & Mfg has the ability to produce ABS, acrylic, flexible and rigid PVC, PP, PE, PS, TPO
and TPE. The American Maplan extrusion system has allowed the company to produce window, fence and siding accessories, custom work (signs, furniture) and other custom profiles. An easy-to-install “plug-and-play” extrusion system, the AMC/BEX 54 and the AMC Compact downstream were running the same day of installation. “It exceeded our expectation in terms of installation and operation and has aided our recent success in the marketplace,” says Singleton.

With this success, CSM & Mfg plans to exchange some of their current extruders for American Maplan models and expand into the techBEX production lines in the near future, based on new projects. The AMC/BEX 54 has an output range of 65-285 lb/hr. The extruder is designed with water filled screws and air cooled barrel. The design is consistent with other American Maplan twin screw extruders yielding high throughput at low screw speeds and consistent melt homogeneity with optimized process control. The American Maplan Compact downstream includes the calibrating table with two vacuum pumps and stainless steel plumbing, tanks and fittings. The belt haul off has belts independently driven by AC motors coupled with a production proven electronic differential gearbox. The high precision saw cuts within +/- 0.02 in. at a maximum speed of 65 ft/min.

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