Arkema: Awarded Patent for Key Innovation Behind Plexiglas® Frosted Acrylic Sheet and Resin Products

Altuglas International, a business of Arkema and maker of the innovative Plexiglas® brand of acrylic sheet and resin products, announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted U.S. Patent 7,067,188, entitled ‘Polymeric Articles Having a Textured Surface and Frosted Appearance’. The patent covers the breakthrough technology developed by Arkema that results in an acrylic product having a frosted appearance in its structure. This proprietary acrylic product, which is used to create the company’s Plexiglas® Frosted and Plexiglas® Clear-Edge Frosted acrylic sheet and resin products, also provides a textured finish on exposed surfaces, requiring no secondary finishing.

For lighting applications, the frosted products provide unusually high luminous transmission coupled with excellent hiding power. Tiny beads used to produce the frosted effect scatter the incoming light, primarily in the forward direction, maximizing optical efficiency. Designers get substantially more light with less power, greatly improving energy efficiency as compared to typical lighting white products.
‘With approximately 1,400 scientists in six research centers, product innovation has become a hallmark of Arkema,’ said Randy Miller, Business Manager-Commercial Development for Sheet at Altuglas International. ‘This commitment to R&D continues to result in exciting breakthroughs like Plexiglas® Frosted acrylic technology, which has opened up a world of exciting design possibilities for visual displays, illuminated signage, lighting diffusers and other customer applications. The issuance of this new patent further exemplifies our technical leadership and strengthens our broad, high-quality and valuable intellectual property portfolio of patented technologies, many of which serve as international benchmarks.’

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