Battenfeld Gloucester: Introduces ThermoFlex Resulting in Record Growth in Sheet Systems Sales in 2006

With the introduction of Battenfeld Gloucester’s new ThermoFlex Technology for the production of mono and multilayer sheet, the company has sold a record number of sheet lines in 2006 to date in its 45 year history. These orders include several PET, PP, PS and Urethane sheet lines and represent growth worldwide from the US, Mexico and Asia. Activity has been seen in both market entry and market expansion applications.
One major growth area is in the disposable Polypropylene products market. To support increasing demand, one of Battenfeld Gloucester’s North American customers recently purchased their 11th and 12th sheet lines from the company. Each system was a ThermoFlex Model 120 OL/Hydraulic 3-Roll Stack for processing a PP homopolymer with clarifier at a line speed of 52-115 FPM and a 700 kg/hr - 800 kg/hr gross output. There are also two more sheet lines in production for this customer who purchases both mono layer and coextruded systems.
Other systems recently provided include polyurethane sheet lines for automotive and clothing/shoe applications, both mono and co-ex, co-extruded PET and PP sheet lines for packaging, as well as multi-layer HIPS products. The recent sheet equipment sales success, which includes a sheet system engineered and built for running recycled APET on a horizontal stack machine, can also be attributed to the penetration of this new market.
ThermoFlex Technology for the Most Demanding Sheet Production Requirements
The ThermoFlex Sheet System incorporates a three-roll hydraulic stack, with the option for post cooling rolls for additional flexibility in a variety of applications. These include horizontal, vertical or 45-degree slant stack, each application specific. The systems can be applied to monolayer or multilayer products of up to seven layers, addressing the growing trends of using coextrusion for increased packaging requirements and other demanding applications. Independent AC flux vector drives are used throughout for the widest possible speed range. Stack roll widths are available from 1050 mm (42′) to 2790 mm (110′). Roll sizing for ThermoFlex systems are determined based on applications and production requirements and can vary from 300 mm (12′) to 920 mm (36′).
The ThermoFlex technology offers a cost effective option for processing a variety of materials with the highest optical quality. Battenfeld Gloucester Engineering is pleased with the results of its sheet growth this quarter and is focusing to increase customer support to expand its presence even further.

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