Battenfeld Gloucester: Advanced Designs Offer Benefits for Silage-Blown Film Applications

Battenfeld Gloucester Engineering has applied recent technological advances to its blown stretch film line for silage film. After considerable research and development and lab trial performance testing, Battenfeld Gloucester claims that it has been able to perfect the nip design, processing rates, layer ratios, PIB levels and winding tensions to produce the highest quality film and the highest possible output rates. Silage films help to maintain the nutritional value of grass, corn, grains and vegetables and inhibit undesirable fermentation. Other types of silage films can be used for big bags or for sheeting and covers for storage of products such as grass, hay and grains. The silage film market has been estimated at 150,000 kTon in 2005, with Europe alone representing 110,000 kTon and N. America representing 25,000 kTon. The key components to the equipment for silage blown film include the PIB injection system, screw design for optimal mixing of PIB, the die, haul-off and winder. Battenfeld Gloucester optimised this equipment to produce quality film with the proper film characteristics required. For instance, the design of Battenfeld Gloucester’s Traversanip is modified with special non stick turning bars, ceramic coated steel nip roll and a special silicone rubber roll — all cooled by water. The nip configuration is also changed into an S wrap.

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