Battenfeld Gloucester: New Advanced Die Designs Benefit High Barrier Package Applications

At a time of continued growth for the high barrier films market, the leader in supplying equipment for the production of these specialized products has launched an innovative improvement. Working from the traditionally reliable Battenfeld Gloucester barrier blown film die designs, BGE has added new technology to improve temperature, flow rate and gauge uniformity and control. As a result a manufacturer of specialty high-barrier film & bags located in Miami, Florida recently purchased a Battenfeld Gloucester Engineering 5-layer retrofit blown film line and a complete 7-Layer blown film line to increase their capacity. Seeing a growing demand for custom high barrier multilayer film and bags has also meant an expansion for the company with a new plant underway in the southern states.
After 20 years of production only a hurricane can stop a Battenfeld line
After 20 years of outstanding production and only after damage incurred from Hurricane Rita the company is upgrading their 5layer line. The line retrofit includes all new ContraCool® extruders, dies, air ring and an Autoprofile® control package as well as a new Extrol® 6032 Microprocessor Control System.
‘Gloucester Engineering is well known for its innovative designs and robust manufacturing,’ states Carl Johnson, Blown Film Senior Group Product Manager. ‘We have numerous lines installed in the 1980’s that still offer high production and superior quality film for our customers.’
High demand for high barrier calls for new designs to improve efficiency and quality
According to the Freedonia Group, the US barrier film market will continue to grow at a healthy rate. It is expected that demand for barrier films reaches $3.7 Billion in 2010 which represents a 5.5% annual growth from 2005 levels.
Responding to this growth and always concerned about customer’s profitability and quality of products, Battenfeld Gloucester has included its new Encapsulated Feed Technology (EFT) in the new die designs. According to Johnson, EFT enhances the overall die performance by streamlining flow passages; it allows quicker cleaner changeovers when changing resins or colors.
At the end of the day and with the current cost of raw materials, this represents more efficiency, less downtime, cost reduction and increased profits for film producers.
With demand for multilayer products growing the customer also needed to add new equipment to their plant. The 7-Layer turn key system from Battenfeld Gloucester includes a 12′ 7-Layer Optiflow LP® Non-Rotating Radial Fed IBC Die offering advanced stiffness and thermal homogeneity. The result is a uniform die temperature, flow rate, and gauge control with very tight layer and film thickness control. The computer modeled flow channels provide low residence time, high shear rates, and maximum versatility. The 12′ UltraCool 900 Series Patented Dual Lip Air Ring design provides converging air flow between the bubble and forming cone for increased output and reduced film chatter. Its design offers finished internal flow surfaces for lower pressure drop, less heat generation and quieter operation.
The system also includes an Extrol 6032 Microprocessor Control System, 50mm Gravimetric Feed Hopper ContraCool® Extruders, a 12′ Internal Bubble Cooling (IBC) Air Exchange System, and the Digisonic® IBC Layflat Control System with the patented use of non-contact sonic sensors for measuring all types of film with accurate control under the most demanding circumstances. Also included in the system are a Layflat Bubble Cage and Guide Assembly, a Collapser, Traversanip® (Oscillating Primary Nip Roll Assembly), the Tower and a Model 1001-D Dual Turret High Speed Shaft Type Winder with Automatic Indexing and Cut-Off.
‘Our business philosophy is really quite simple offer machinery that consistently delivers superior performance and at a competitive price. Our customers include some of the very largest film and bag manufactures in the world. Our ability and willingness to ‘custom tailor’ our equipment around their particular needs brings a tremendous value-added benefit to them,’ states Johnson. ‘Battenfeld Gloucester is an integral partner to our customers supporting their growth and ability to provide the highest level of customer service.’

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