Coperion Waeschle: Business expansion in alumina handling and industrial filtering systems

At the beginning of 2007, through two strategic acquisitions, Coperion Waeschle GmbH & Co. KG, Weingarten/Germany, will not only have access to new segments of the market for bulk mineral handling systems but will also be extending its product portfolio to include industrial filtering systems. ‘With these strategically important steps, we shall now be able to extend our strong market position in bulk materials handling systems for the plastics industry into other new markets,’ reported Axel Kiefer, Managing Director of Coperion Waeschle. ‘These acquisitions will form the basis of sustained future growth far beyond the average rate of growth in our industry and they will further strengthen our worldwide standing as the leading competence centre for materials handling – Coperion Waeschle has vast experience in this field as well as best in class technological know-how for the handling and conveying of the widest diversity of bulk materials, all of which have vastly differing behaviour characteristics.’ With effect from 1st January 2007, Coperion Waeschle Beteiligungs GmbH, a member company of the Coperion Group, Stuttgart/Germany, owned by UK private equity firm Lyceum Capital, will be taking over the business activities of Hartmann Förderanlagen GmbH, Offenbach am Main/Germany. This company, a leading manufacturer of bulk alumina handling systems, will operate within the Coperion Group in the Materials Handling Division. It will in future trade under the corporate name of Coperion Hartmann and will still have its registered seat in
Offenbach. No jobs will be lost through the acquisition. Axel Kiefer explains the reasons for the takeover as follows: ‘For Coperion Waeschle, the acquisition of Hartmann represents a strategically important step forward in the market for bulk mineral handling systems, especially in the aluminium industry. It will also accelerate diversifying the division’s sales.’ Coperion Waeschle covers the entire process chain in the plastics industry – from the reactor through to the logistical handling of bulk materials. Coperion’s declared aim is to supply system solutions covering the entire process chain in the aluminium industry, from the receiving, handling and storage of incoming raw materials through to the conveying and loading of alumina into the electrolytic cells. Coperion Hartmann is already a lead supplier of first stage receiving and handling systems, enjoying a high standing in its industry. Given this and Coperion Waeschle’s own strengths, the portfolios of the two companies ideally complement each other. The similarities between these different industries and markets give rise to synergies through the potential exchange and expansion of engineering and processing
technology. Moreover, in respect of sales and servicing activities, the worldwide network of the Coperion Group will enable Coperion Hartmann to expand, consolidate and globalize its on-thespot presence effectively and economically.
Likewise with effect from 1st January 2007, Coperion Waeschle will be taking over all the business activities of Horn Filter- und Verfahrenstechnik GmbH, Hennef/Germany, a company that worked in close association with Coperion Waeschle for many years. With its acquisition of Horn, Coperion Waeschle will be adding a further processing stage to its bulk materials handling portfolio. The processing know-how from both companies will henceforth be channelled into the further expansion of Coperion Waeschle’s range of industrial filtering systems. The resulting intensification of service and replacement parts business on a worldwide scale will generate further grown. The acquisition will also enable Coperion Waeschle to both broaden and deepen its engineering competence.

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