PVC-P - Polyvinylchloride plasticised

Processing Guide: PVC-P - Polyvinylchloride plasticised
Extruder: Single screw with vacuum, grooved feeding section
Screw Design: 1) Two stage screw:
3:1 compression in feed zone (before vent)
decompression at the vent
3:1 compression (with at least 3-4 flights at the end of the screw as a metering zone)2) Barrier Screw

Compression Ratio: 2,5-3,0:1
Cylinder Temperatures: 140-190 C
284-374 F
Melt Temperature: 170-200 C
338-392 F
Pre-Drying: no
Miscellaneous: material should be “cheesy” at the vent
Note: This is meant as a general guide. Please consult your material and machinery representative.