Vietnam’s rubber industry reports 2007 record results

April 24th, 2008

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Hanoi — According to an article Monday in Asia Pulse, ‘The rubber industry last year achieved record results in production and business. Its latex output increased from 1.73 tonnes per hectare in 1995

Demand for construction plastic pipes reach 5 billion meters in the “Eleventh-Five

April 24th, 2008

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To answer the call of energy-saving as suggested in the ‘Eleventh-Five Year Plan’, China will gradually replace 70% of the country’s construction pipes by plastics. It is expected that the annual demand

Design Guide: Pultrusion — strong & rigid long shapes

April 24th, 2008

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It may help you to understand how pultrusion works by comparing it to its more-established cousin, extrusion. Both processes allow for continuous lengths of a set profile to be produced, but in other

Make Every Pellet Count: Extrusion technology opens door to save … - Modern Plastics On The Web

April 24th, 2008

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Davis-Standard: New Spare Parts Program Provides Convenient Alternative

April 23rd, 2008

A new spare parts program offered by Davis-Standard’s Extrusion Systems Group enables customers to buy recommended spares for their recently purchased machinery under special terms. This convenient program encourages customers to have spare parts on hand for those items susceptible to wear or those that are essential to maintain good working order of the equipment. Davis-Standard created the program to give customers the option of stocking parts on-site, so that parts are readily available to reduce potential downtime.

            “No matter how reliable equipment is, it is still mechanical and susceptible to wear or an occasional breakdown. Offering spare parts packages up front is one way to ensure that our customers are prepared and that they get the most from their equipment investment,” said Jerry Warren, Vice President of Davis-Standard’s Aftermarket Group. “Even if the equipment is still under warranty, customers can take the part off their own shelf, get the machine back up and running, and we will replace the warranty-covered part at no charge.”

            Pre-approved customers can take advantage of this offer by filling out a simple acknowledgement sheet and letting Davis-Standard know which option they would prefer. Once the order is received, the parts will be shipped. For more information, customers can contact Jerry Warren at [email protected] or at [email protected].

Deceuninck ® Receives Award for Outstanding Environmental Performance - Business Wire (press release)

April 16th, 2008


Deceuninck ® Receives Award for Outstanding Environmental Performance
Business Wire (press release), CA - 8 hours ago
Deceuninck ® North America is part of the Deceuninck ® Group, an integrated global organization with extrusion plants and logistics centers in the United

Georg Fischer Acquires Central Plastics

April 12th, 2008

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Georg Fischer Acquires Central Plastics All stories in this . . . About .

Injection moulder is largest by volume - Manufacturing Talk

April 12th, 2008

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Injection moulder is largest by volume
Manufacturing Talk, UK - Apr 7, 2008
Its specific energy consumption is only 0.34kWh/kg under production conditions, with which, said Engel, the machine achieves record breaking savings.

Davis-Standard’s Extensive Laboratory Equipment and Service Capabilities Address R&D Demands

April 12th, 2008

Davis-Standard, LLC has readily supported growing customer R&D demands in the U.S. and abroad this past year by supplying a range of laboratory and specialty equipment and systems, including several high performance lines. Davis-Standard has seen a need by larger, high tech companies for more lab facilities in order to differentiate product capabilities and maintain a competitive edge through accelerated product development. Almost as significant is the increased demand by other businesses that are closing in-house laboratories and by smaller companies and startups that are relying on outside facilities for lab work.

At the Killion laboratory in Houston, there has been a 30 percent growth in lab trial inquiries over the past 24 months and a 70 percent increase in the duration of each trial. As lab applications become more sophisticated, there is a need for an equipment supplier who has extensive process and applications experience. Development in biopolymers, FEP and PFA, high temperature (PEEK) and composites applications has been the greatest contributor to this growth.

            “We are in the unique position of being able to access personnel and knowledge from the other business groups within Davis-Standard, LLC, most of whom are leaders in their particular production specialty,” said Simon Dominey, business manager of Davis-Standard’s Killion and Specialty Systems Group. “This has enabled us to build more sophisticated lines such as multi-purpose systems for extrusion coating and high pressure laminating including those that make cast film down to a few microns and also produce sheet and embossed products.”

            Davis-Standard supplies laboratory and specialty systems for cast film, blown

film, sheet, coating and laminating applications. Killion laboratory systems are engineered for effectively processing low volumes of resin. Specialty pilot lines and unique production systems capable of speeds up to 3,000 feet per minute (914 meters per minute) are also available. A recent system included integrated cast film and calendared sheet capabilities in the 2-32 mil range, complete with a multi-layer feedblock, five extruders, and web coating capabilities for product widths of 14 inches (350 mm) and line speeds up to 400 feet per minute (121 meters per minute).

In order to offer the most flexibility, extruder and downstream equipment for each product line is supplied in a modular format to provide nearly every configuration possible and an easy upgrade path. As an example, winders range from simple, single shaft designs for cost-effective lab use to dual- and four-station, auto changeover and accumulator systems, plus multiple spindles for monofilament applications. Roll stands are available in two, three, four or five roll designs with low and high pressure calendars and roll configurations that include vertical, horizontal, 45-degree and J-stack. Fully custom designs for specialty applications or non-plastic, non-extrusion projects are also available.

“We have such an extensive product range that we can often provide what would be typically regarded as a custom process line by simply combining our standard modules,” added Dominey.

            For more information about Davis-Standard Killion laboratory and specialty systems capabilities, contact Simon Dominey at [email protected]

German PVC-specialist SIP buys 85% stake in Belarus’ Belbauplast

April 10th, 2008

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German windows systems specialist Salamander Industrie Produkte has bought an 85% stake in Belbauplast of Belarus, the company said this week. No price tag for the deal was revealed but the German extrusion