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Spray coating of plastic parts – the alternative to masterbatch

The colour is a vital part of almost all plastic parts. And then the processor has to decide how to apply the wanted colour to the plastic parts. He can a choose masterbatch to colour the plastic raw material. This will give the part a thoroughly unique colour. The disadvantages are high costs and an abrasive masterbatch which wears screws and barrels.

Much more cost-effective and flexible is the spray coating (or spray painting) of the plastic parts. And this can be done either with conventional spray guns, HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) or even with an electrostatic spraying system. Depending on the scope of job or how much paint is really processed, there is a choice between gravity feed (with gravity cup), pressure feed (with a separate pressure tank) or suction feed from a siphon cup. Different kind of pumps are employed, like transfer pumps, circulating pumps and diaphragm pumps.

Spray painting equipment is not unknown to “plastic processors” as it is used for fiberglass, gelcoat, synthetic foam and granite. Polyester dispensing, laminating and plural component systems are employed are used in marine and other vehicle-building applications. These days almost any viscosity can be sprayed, either at ambient or at elevated temperatures.

The process of spray painting has the advantage that small batched can be done at comparable low cost compared to the purchase or production and mixing of materbatches. Almost every kind and sizes of plastic parts are spray painted nowadays already, from small handy covers to the bumper of trucks. Whether to employ a conventional spray gun, HVLP spray gun or an electrostatic coating system depends on different aspects and should be decided from case to case.

Lightweight spray gun for the coating of plastic parts

In the year 1907, the doctor’s son Tom DeVilbiss invented an atomizer for medicine for an easier way to apply medicine to the patients throat and nasal passages. Soon afterwards, the atomizer was adapted to industrial use and spray equipment was born. More than one hundred years later the Compact spray gun of Devilbiss sets again the benchmark for industrial spray coating. Spray-coated plastic parts, both profiles and injection molded parts, belong to the most important applications.

Over the last decades DeVilbiss, represented in Thailand by B.S.C. Teknik, introduced several ground-breaking manual and automatic spray guns: The legendary conventional spray guns JGA-558, MSA-512, JGX-502 and the GTI series are still very popular today. And they are still widely used even for large-scale production. Spare parts are still available.

Computational Fluid Dynamics for enhanced atomization

End users confirmed the need for a new lightweight “mid size” gun with the ability to provide ultimate industrial performance. In addition enhanced operator comfort was required. The newest family of manual spray guns was designed by using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to enhance the atomization process and provide one of the highest transfer efficiency rates available today. The Compact spray gun is available as advanced Conventional,Trans-Tech and also HVLP gun, all in pressure, suction or gravity feed version.

What is Trans-Tech?

Trans-Tech simply means “Transfer-efficient Technology”. This atomization technology provides the familiar performance of the legendary JGA gun, yet fully complies with the Environmental Protection Act legislation in respect of being in excess of 65% paint transfer efficiency despite the same 2.0 bar (29 psi) gun inlet pressure. Moreover, by using the right air cap, the Trans-Tech can be instantly converted into an HVLP gun.

Main features of all Compact spray guns

Enhanced Atomization.
through new designed passageways and air cap

No Baffle Design.
reduced number of parts minimizes the weight of the gun, making it easier to control and easier to maintain

Lightweight Design.
lighter than major competitive guns, it weighs only 412 grams.

Operator Comfort.
reduced trigger pull at increased finger room

B.S.C. Teknik supplies the whole range of ITW DeVilbiss and Binks spray coating equipment, from the newest Trans-Tech spray gun to spare parts for spray gun classics. The website contains online information about maintenance, troubleshooting and painting techniques.

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