TPE Trouble Shooting Guide

Problem Possible Cause Possible Solution
Rough Surface Melt too cold Increase barrel temperature
Increase die temperature
Heaters not working Check thermocouples and heater bands
Melt not mixed Use higher compression ratio screw or screw with mixing section
Die design Decrease land length
Uneven Cross Section Surging Decrease extrusion rate
Use screw with longer feed or metering section
Use screen pack to increase back pressure
Decrease die temperature
Black Specks / Undispersed Lumps Contamination Purge with low melt flow PP or HDPE
Check the colour concentrate is based on PS,PP or PE - not PVC
Odor / Yellowing Melt too hot Decrease die and barrel temperature
Decrease screw speed and back pressure
Voids Moisture Dry pellets
If using vacuum check that vent is unplugged
High Extruder pressure / Low Throughput Melt too cold Increase extruder temperature
Increase die temperature
Clogged screen pack Clean/Replace
Heaters not working Check thermocouples and heater bands